Weight Management

I help people fulfil their potential.
Everyone has barriers or blocks that get in the way.
I specialise in removing those blocks.

Tried everything to keep the weight off and nothing works?

Fed up of dieting and thinking about food? Fed up of boring exercise and trying to get motivated to do it? I appreciate that controlling your weight can be difficult. Unlike a habit such as smoking which you can stop, you need to keep eating food. Perhaps it seems hard to eat the right amount of appropriate food to maintain a healthy weight? I help you get back in control of your eating habits and effectively manage your weight.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years. I’ve always been big since problems when I was a teenager. I’ve tried slimming clubs and all the diets going but I always put weight back on. I’m fed up and need to sort it out as I’m worried about diabetes and heart problems

Struggling with your weight is rarely just about diet and exercise

Unless there’s an underlying medical condition, psychological issues drive weight gain, and also weight loss in the case of eating disorders. Food is fuel for the body, but we use food for much more – to feel comforted, to relieve boredom, as a reward, as a punishment, and even to feel a sense of control. Many use food to stuff down difficult emotions. I seek to address the underlying psychological drivers of unhealthy eating behaviour before moving to a Coaching approach, setting goals and devising an action plan. Learning how to break old unhealthy eating habits and identifying necessary changes to an unhealthy lifestyle is key for permanent change. You can effectively down-size, in a realistic way across several weeks and added benefits are often a growth in confidence and a boost in general health.

Dieting shows that effective, long-term weight control is not achievable with a quick fix solution

You become overweight when you consume too much in relation to how much you burn off by activity. We discover how this is happening, address any root cause issues, and plan how to tackle it for lasting results, removing any negative eating habits that derail you. There are various options when you work with me including coaching and hypnotherapy and I can advise which approach would be most suitable for you.

In order to effectively manage your weight, you may need to significantly change your lifestyle and eating habits. You are encouraged to change your behaviour around food and your attitudes towards eating and activity. You learn to stop worrying about what you eat and as you become healthier, being fitter and slimmer happens as a natural side-effect.

Develop your own new healthy beliefs and habits around food and activity

I don’t subscribe to hypnotic gastric banding techniques despite it being commercially lucrative. Why not? It is your mindset that has been driving the problem and this is where changes are necessary for long-term success. I will help and support you and hold you accountable. This puts you in control rather than at the mercy of an invisible gastric band imposed by a hypnotherapist.

Your life doesn’t have to be dominated by trying to make the ‘right’ food choices, constantly counting calories, followed by binge eating and the associated guilt.

I just think so differently now. It feels completely natural to make better choices. I am not constantly thinking about food anymore and I have so much more energy. I even think I look ok in photos now. It’s great to be able to buy clothes in normal shops!”

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