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Is everything getting too much for you to cope with?

Stress is the word most people use to describe how the demands of life are getting too much to cope with. It is your body’s natural reaction to a challenging event or situation. Biologically the body is readying itself to either stand and fight the threat or to get out of the situation quickly – both of which require a physical response. We need a certain amount of healthy stress as this drives us to get up and get going every morning! However, when stress is prolonged it creates problems which can damage your physical and psychological well-being.

You feel stress in the body as well as the mind

When you are stressed you experience physical symptoms which may include headaches, muscle tension, stomach pains, sweating, feeling dizzy, breathlessness, or even palpitations. Stress impacts your emotions and you may feel irritable, anxious, apathetic or in a low mood. You may find yourself having outbursts of temper, drinking or smoking too much, being forgetful or clumsy, rushing around or withdrawing from your usual activities or find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Perhaps you are trying to balance the competing demands of work and family or illness and caring for others, and are experiencing some of these short-term symptoms. When stress is ongoing, these symptoms persist and worsen as the body adapts to cope with them. Without the chance to recover and return to normal, long term stress has a serious negative impact on health.

Understand how stress is created and maintained in your life and how to deal with it

For some people, a particular event creates stress and worry. I’ve worked with many professionals who were unable to give their best at work because stress had gone into overdrive and they couldn’t think straight! One client had been asked to present their professional research at an international conference, but stress was spoiling this wonderful opportunity:

Prior to the therapy, I would go out of my way to avoid giving presentations and feel physically nauseous and extremely nervous at the prospect of talking to just a small group of people

The presentation went very well and the client sent me a photo of them on stage along with this testimonial:

I found Sue’s style to be extremely professional and empathetic to my particular needs. After only 2 or 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, my confidence began to improve and I began to feel less nervous and more confident about presenting. I found the hypnotherapy very useful at keeping me calm and relaxed in situations where I am asked to present or have to speak to audiences in a professional formal capacity. Needless to say, at the conference, my presentation went off without a hitch and was very well received.  I would not hesitate to recommend MindMakeover to anyone else needing help with this, or any other issue to do with nervousness, stress or a lack of confidence in professional or social situations.

Most businesses realize that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce and welcome the opportunity to help employees overcome stress. I can provide group sessions for relaxation and stress management, or work with you on an individual basis.

I started having dizzy spells at work. I hadn’t noticed how stressed I was until the doctor told me I had high blood pressure and needed time off. The sessions made me realize that I had never really relaxed before. I didn’t know how. The stuff you gave me has been so helpful and I’m now back on my game

I can also help with medical complaints where stress has been diagnosed as a contributing factor such as hypertension and IBS irritable bowel syndrome.

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