I help people fulfil their potential.
Everyone has barriers or blocks that get in the way.
I specialise in removing those blocks.

A solution-focused approach to your issues

Hundreds of people, just like you, have found MindMakeover after searching for help, and have benefitted from choosing to work with me. Every person is unique, so at MindMakeover I don’t apply a one size fits all approach. I work with you to discover what is happening and how this has developed, so we can discuss what suits you best.

When it’s appropriate, I address the root cause of a problem, not just the symptoms. Sometimes it is not even necessary to disclose intimate details and we certainly do not need to dwell on past trauma that is upsetting and difficult. My approach is solution-focused and I aim to move you from where you are now, to how you would really like to be.

Modern psychotherapy may seem different to traditional approaches – that’s how it delivers effective results!

Because I draw on many different approaches, I have the freedom to do whatever is most effective for your particular issues. Every session is planned around you, and what you need. I am flexible and adapt my approach as necessary – you are not expected to fit the therapy; it has to fit you and your needs.

Many psychological issues have their roots in stress and anxiety and I am a specialist in this area. Often anxiety-related issues go hand in hand with low mood, affecting motivation and sleep patterns and eventually impacting on relationships at home and at work. Whatever the issue, I provide you with honest guidance. For example, if I believe we may not work well together, I can refer you to a more suitable service. It is difficult to list the host of issues where people have benefitted from working with me, as there is such a wide range. There is more information on the most common issues, but if you find your particular concern is not specifically mentioned then please get in touch with me for further information.

Here’s how I can help. I offer a telephone discussion so you can decide that I am the right choice for you. The cost is completely free. Take action today and get in touch with me.

I wonder how soon you will benefit from the changes I can help you make?  I look forward to hearing from you!

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