How I can help

I help people fulfil their potential.
Everyone has barriers or blocks that get in the way.
I specialise in removing those blocks.

How do YOU get past those worries or doubts that hold you back?

I am your psychology expert in York – together we work on your own MindMakeover!

Everyone has unfulfilled potential – perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to shine, or were held back in some way. Perhaps you know that you are capable of so much more, but can’t seem to quite get there. I’m here to make a positive difference to your life using practical, positive psychology including Hypnotherapy, BWRT®, EMDR and Coaching.

Your first appointment at MindMakeover will start you on the path to becoming the person you would really like to be – thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that benefit your life. There is no need to stay stuck – change can happen when you choose the right Practitioner to guide and support you.

With such a wide range of different therapists in York – why am I the right choice? With my background and experience as a Chartered Psychologist I have the highest quality skills and knowledge developed over many years of education, training and professional practice. This thorough grounding in Psychological Science and understanding the human mind and behaviour, means I am well placed to provide you with well-informed, effective and efficient help. For example, many therapists offer hypnotherapy, but hypnotherapy work is not just about hypnosis – the most important part is the actual therapy that takes place before, during and after the hypnotic experience. I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of cases of stress and anxiety-related issues using therapy combined with hypnosis.

Although we are working with serious issues, my approach is always warm, friendly and welcoming. My clients often comment during their first visit, how soon they feel at ease. My aim is to help you make a positive difference to your life, allowing you to overcome issues that affect your personal well-being and happiness. I specialise in reducing anxiety and help people of all ages and from all walks of life.

I work to the highest professional standards and guarantee to provide you with the best service I can. I am constantly updating my knowledge through research, and undertake training in the latest techniques to keep my skills up to date with developments in the world of psychological therapy.

This allows me to draw on a comprehensive range of psychological techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches to help you tackle whatever is troubling you. Every person is unique so I never apply a one-size fits all approach. I will work with you to discover what suits you best and focus on what you realistically want to achieve. You will always receive a bespoke service, tailored to fit your needs. When it is appropriate I will address the root cause of a problem not just the symptoms.

Because I draw on many different approaches I have the freedom to do whatever is most effective for you – this may include various psychotherapeutic approaches including BWRT®, EMDR, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. The MindMakeover approach will help with most psychological issues and problems.

I describe myself as a personal development specialist because I help you to become the person you really want to be. We are all born with potential which is sometimes thwarted by life experiences. I specialise in re-igniting that potential and helping you fulfil it. We work together in partnership to achieve your goals. I am the expert on psychology but you are the expert on you. Together we can make a winning team and get great results!

Every day I help people like you fulfil their potential.

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