Practical, Positive Psychology in York

Troubled by anxiety? Need to get past those worries or doubts that hold you back? You are in the right place to commit to change and challenge old ways of thinking, making a positive difference to your life.

A very warm welcome to MindMakeover

I’ve been helping people in York struggling with stress, anxiety and other psychological issues since 2011. I’ve worked successfully with hundreds of people and I am now offering my help to you. You can rest assured that you are in a safe pair of hands. As a Chartered Psychologist in York I hold the gold standard in psychological skills, knowledge, training and experience for guiding your personal development.

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Learn how your brain works in ways that are easy to understand. Feel empowered to change

You may be a little unsure about what happens during personal development work, or perhaps you are really interested in finding ways of getting past problems that are holding you back in life. In either case, you have taken the first step in making the improvements you are seeking.

Let’s talk about overcoming your problems

The first step in making the improvements you are seeking

At MindMakeover I draw on a comprehensive range of techniques and approaches to help you overcome your difficulties. Working together we decide which will be the most effective for you. I offer a bespoke service, tailoring treatment to suit you, helping you to change old problematic thinking and any unwanted emotional reactions, so you can feel in control and more able to manage your problems.

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